There’s Always Time for a Good Read!

Time. It is something that we all wish we had more of. It runs constant, but depending on the circumstances, can catapult us into oblivion, or hold us in a state of suspended idleness that stretches minutes into lifetimes. We work to amass enough to buy a retirement of sweet long days and lazy nights. What would you do with more time? Spend it? Waste it? Share it? In a world where multi-tasking is the norm, we have come to do more with less time – and by accomplishing more in a day, we in some strange way feel better about ourselves. We strive to make time to meditate, to pray, to go within in order to not get swept away in a meaningless series of events that define our day. I say, take back your life and defy time – read more. When you are on the move; on the run, take the opportunity to dive into a story. It will never leave you behind.

I have written Quick Lit – a collection of short stories for people who value the power of a great story and who can see their way to reading anywhere, anytime, anyplace. That’s the idea – good, quality literature for people short on time. It is the perfect thing, a little story, ready and waiting in its little digital portal, ready to be propped open on a lap or table top to transport you far away from your present locale. Ideal for the long commute, the pedicure chair, or the waiting line. When you have your literature to go – you are never left wanting, or wasting precious time.

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Buy Now on Amazon Kindle

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Who knew how addicted we would all get? We are fixed to our devices and endless means of social media news feeds that constantly roll like ticker tape across our phones and tablets. We carry the world in the smallest space and tune in and turn on to it at will. Not everything is worthy of our attention. I would hope though, that a few minutes with a good short story is like a visit with an old friend; or a new one if you prefer. I never get tired of seeking out the truth and hope that you would agree that in a world where there is much to turn away from, there is much to turn to as well. Download and uplift your spirits by endorsing the hundreds of eager story-tellers who are ready to share their truths – take a book, a character, a memory with you and you will never be alone. A good read however short or long — will reward you in ways that are timeless.


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