The Blank Page

The beauty of the new year, obviously lies in the incredible gift that turning the page brings. It’s  a fresh new start; a chance to reconnect, reorganize, to re-dream. Another chance, so to speak, to get it right. This of course, could apply to anything. A commitment to a fitness routine, a diet, a pledge to stop smoking; to finding the right house, or soulmate, or recipe for happiness. It can be a time to drop old habits, re-define relationships, or to pick up a new hobby or passion. Why not? By virtue of the fact that it is early on in a long year ahead, one can set their sights on any goal or desire. Ah, if it were only that easy!

Why are we humans so prone to high aspirations and ambitions…only too often to find ourselves losing steam well before the month of new beginnings ends? Call it human nature, but life is messy and things are always certain to get in the way. That is why most people’s  best laid plans often don’t make it to February when the heartfelt resolutions declared at the turning of year become but a distant whimper. “Well, I tried” one might say. “Maybe next year.” It is so easy to fall into this rut. To claim a “messy life” for one’s inability to conquer, to pursue, to persevere. Of course it’s not easy to take care of oneself and one’s family and all of the million moving parts that cause us to dance and juggle the personal with the professional and the plausible with the impossible. Life can be hard and with responsibilities mounting higher every day, sometimes it’s all we can do just to fool ourselves into thinking that we are trying. Of course, I am going to say it — nothing worthwhile comes easy. So, if your dream is to write that “great American novel” maybe it is not realistic — right now, but can you carve out a few minutes a day to at least journal, or better yet, write one page? That is how a book is written:  one page at a time.

This motivation could apply to anything. One day at the gym or one dessert passed upon will not make you into a supermodel or Olympian athlete, but it goes a long way in setting your mind and your body up for a new habit — a healthy one. Sacrificing a designer cup of coffee to toss a few dollars in the bank is going to give you more than you started with, and hopefully, the reward of accomplishment is worth repeating. It is too easy to give up on something before you even start, imagining that it is just too daunting or to scary to even bother. Everyone has dreams, potential, and the ability to act. Choosing not to do something that you are on some level longing for — is cheating yourself of the opportunity to shine and to stretch and to ultimately fail. But, think about all the people in this world who rode many failures to one great victory. They did it. How? One page at a time.

My wish for you this coming year is that you dare to face your demons and the obstacles that are merely opportunities in disguise. You don’t need a calendar to schedule your dreams. Make the decision to embrace them — now.

~ Jamie



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