Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

When it comes to bombshell beauties, one needs to look no further than to the great Marilyn Monroe who set the bar stiletto-high for starlets and women everywhere who donned lipstick and eyeliner in hope of achieving even an iota of the sex and glamour that defined her. When it comes right down to it, I believe that there is a little bit of “blonde” in all women; a desire, however small to push the boundaries and to strut one’s stuff across the world stage. Why not?

For the most part, people have always admired strong women and they certainly come in all shapes and sizes, but the type who tend to shock and delight us the most are the boldest, most brazen, and beautiful. They’re the real housewives we can’t get enough of; the Hollywood elite, the spoiled and outspoken on the talk shows and in the tabloids. They are “the women we love to hate” regardless of the color of their hair. It’s the attitude that draws us in; a vicarious thrill we all feel when imagining to live in their world and walk in their mile high shoes.

What could be more delicious? This fascination with media, entertainment, and gal-pals who live on the other side of every day reality inspired me to write, The Secretes and Stilettos Series featuring four self-made women, each one’s sizzling story told in a separate page-turning novel.  Blonde Up! is the first in the series and promises to deliver. Download it today – if you are in the mood for a wild ride with twenty-something CASEY SINGER, who lives life by her own rules and makes no apologies for her unorthodox climb to stardom.



B-Actress and model CASEY SINGER is a brat who uses her body and brains to obtain superstar-status. Aspiring from The Windy City of Chicago to the glitter and lure of Los Angeles, Casey is far from an overnight success. After a walk-off stint as a TV weather girl in Kansas, Casey is struck by love—literally when ROE EVANS, a handsome and mysterious record executive with soulful eyes accidentally hits her with his car on an icy pavement. Casey literally falls for him, but in addition to having a heart-stopping smile, he appears to have a secret life that keeps him just out of reach.

Casey’s broken leg is no match for the broken heart she attempts to cover with make-up and stage lights in order to claim her place in the spotlight. After all, Casey is no stranger to disappointment and is highly skilled at shutting out the world and it’s myriad of set-backs and calamities.

But Casey soon learns that a stubborn spirit and lust for fame are no match for the desires of the heart, carrying her quest for answers clear across the Atlantic. When the ultimate moment of truth arrives, Casey is forced to make a crucial and impossible choice—her career . . . or the toughest role of her life?

Hope you enjoy reading Blonde Up! and the series to follow. I would love to hear what you think. If nothing else, take the time to get YOUR inner blonde on . . . and be fabulous! Do blondes really have more fun? You tell me!

Enjoy ~





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